Rasierpinsel Dachshaar FINE

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Dachshaar-Rasierpinsel, das Must-Have für die perfekte Rasur. Es ist die schnellste und einfachste Art, sich auf die Rasur vorzubereiten.

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Der eShave Fine Rasierpinsel besteht zu 100% aus Dachshaar. Es ist der einzige Haartyp, der Wasser aufnehmen kann. So kann ein reichhaltiger Rasierschaum erzeugt werden.

> santes Peeling und erzeugt einen reichhaltigen Schaum
> Macht das Haar weich und hebt es an für eine gründliche und komfortable Rasur
> Verhindert Rasurreizungen

Über Dachshaar:
Feines Dachshaar ist ein hochwertiges Haar, das mit der Zeit weicher wird. Dieser Pinsel sollte bei minimaler Pflege einige Jahre halten. Alle eShave-Rasierpinsel werden Stück für Stück von Hand hergestellt.


> Rasierpinsel unter warmem Wasser einweichen lassen
> Tauchen Sie den nassen Pinsel leicht in die Rasiercreme
> Direkt auf die Haut aufschäumen
> Pinsel danach ausspülen, überschüssiges Wasser ausschütteln und den Pinsel zum Trocknen kopfüber aufhängen.

Rasiertipp: Füllen Sie vor dem Duschen das Waschbecken mit warmem Wasser auf, legen Sie den Pinsel hinein. So haben Sie einen gut eingeweichten Rasierpinsel, welcher eien hervorragenden, warmen Schaum erzeugt.

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Black, Blue, White, Smoke

Reviews (27)

27 reviews for Rasierpinsel Dachshaar FINE

  1. Jeff D.

    Cool And Effective

    Your brushes turn shaving into an esthetically pleasant experience while effectively preparing the skin for a smooth job. I love them.

  2. Julie F.

    Great Brushes And Long Lasting

    We use êShave brushes every day in the salon ( which now have been used over 2400 times each at least . I calculated – each one roughly 60 times a week for 10 months, lathering up neck lines then washed and soaked in sanitiser !) They are still in great shape and do a great job. We love them

  3. Jeff F.


    This is the most stylish brush on the market. With some brushes you pay for style, and get no quality. With this brush, it looks amazing, and it lathers better than anything else out there. Buy this brush!

  4. T. Matza

    Second Shaving Brush

    This is my second eshave brush. Love the long handle option because I use an old porcelain coffee mug for my shaving soap. I took away one star for a minor inconvience–the paracord brush hanger you sent this time is too short to loop over the towel bar. I had to remove one end of the bar bracket to use the brush hanger.

  5. JB S.


    They are not cheap but worth the money. Love it. It provides great lather and a very close shave. BUY IT.

  6. Alex G.

    Bowl Lathering

    These brushes are not only beautiful, but with the longer handle, they work absolutely great for bowl lathering. Much easier than a short handled brush. A lovely brush to just look at, and great to actually use.

  7. Fernando D.


    the brush is amazing-it changed my life

  8. Anthony P

    Best Products, Best Service

    Pierre, Thank you for the rapid response. After trying various products from Art of Shaving, Sephora, Anthony Logistics and about every other boutique system I can say that e shave products stand superior to the rest. I will be throwing out my AoShave badger brush when yours comes in. Plan on seeing orders more frequently from me and any one else that I can recommend to you

  9. Margaret R.

    Best Shaving Product

    My husband was introduced to eShave on one of our trips to Mendocino, CA. about 7 years ago. He has very sensitive skin so he was very interested in the claims of this product. He was pleasantly suprised to find all claims to be true. The cost of this product is better than other products, since it take him a year to use it. He also has the Badger Brush amazing, 5 Stars to eShave.

  10. Cynthia S.


    My husband has been very happy with his new brush, he had no idea what he was missing by not using a brush for shaving!

  11. Marc W.

    Brush And Towel

    lookes fantastic good job, also love your faces towel

  12. Seth J.

    Solid Workmanship

    I’ve had my eshave brush since 2005.It has served me well. I like the fact that it has a long handle. I’m ready to move up to the silver tip, but my brush is still performing as good when I first bought it. Well crafted.

  13. Mario D.

    Always Great Product Line!

    I’ve been using eShave products for years and always enjoy using them. The stand with the brush and shave looks great too in my bathroom. It definaltly makes a statement of class and quality.

  14. Philip B.

    Why Use A Shaving Brush?

    It’s easy to think that using a shaving brush will add considerable time to your shaving routine, but that simply isn’t the case. At least that’s not the case if you do it right. A brush helps exfoliate the skin so it enhances grooming beyond just shaving. Most importantly, it frees hairs so they can be more easily removed by the blade. The brush lubricates whiskers better than anything you apply with your fingers alone so you get a much smoother and more comfortable shave. If you’ve never tried a brush, try out one of the many eShave models and you’ll transform your morning shave into a whole new experience.

  15. Dan B.

    Changed How I Think About Shaving

    I used to dread shaving each morning because of the way my face felt after I was done. It would be left irritated and often nicked. Now, since I’ve started using eShave’s brushes, along with pre-shave oil & cream, my experience is completely different. My face is no longer left irritated, and the resulting shave is smoother than when I was using conventional spray creams or gels. I’ll never go back.

  16. Bill G.

    Excellent Product

    I purchased my shaving brush to replace one from Art of Shaving. The brush I replaced was plagued with shedding hairs from almost the first day I purchased it. I found eshave online and have not had to replace that brush now for almost two years! Great job, eShave!

  17. Chad C.

    A New Way To Shave

    I picked up the Fine Shaving Brush and I couldn’t be happier. It has made shaving less of a hassle and more of an enjoyment. My skin is fresher and smoother than ever before.

  18. Larry W.

    For The All Family


  19. Spender S.

    Fantastic Brush!!

    I have had this brush for 5+ years and it is still great. I use it all the time, it has never left me wanting. Works up a great lather with Taylor of old Bond street.

  20. Alan H.

    Wonderful !

    I have been using eshave products for over 7 years now and would not use anything else. Citrus was my favorite and now verbena lime is. Just received the new orange sandalwood and am anxious to try it. I also use the free-form razor and the badger brush…..that brush is 4 years old and still as good as the day I received it. Many kudos to Danielle and her entire team !!

  21. Pascualle R.

    I Almost Look Forward To Shaving!

    I have been brush shaving for many years now and this brush is among the best that I have ever used. The brush raises an excellent lather and wet shaving is the only way to go to really eliminate shaving bumps.

  22. Douglas NG.

    My Son Says Best Stuff

    Hi: I bought two(2) sets from Boys to Men Gifts in North Vancouver BC Canada. One(1) for son and one(1) for myself. My son had already thanked me twice for introducing him to shaving using a brush, and the Eshave products. Even his wife had thanked me too. I have not used mine but I will shortly and I am sure the results will be very positive. . Thank you. Regards, douglas

  23. Aaron H.

    Never Shave Without It

    great shave every time and no more BUMPS!!!!

  24. Giuseppe F.

    Excellent Shave

    eShave’s Shaving creams create an excellent lather for a close smooth shave. With the eShave brush I don’t know how you can go wrong!

  25. Jeff B.

    Top Qualtity, Great Looks.

    eShave brushes combine the best in top of the line badger with a new look and style that sets them apart from the others. I keep mine out where people can see it as it is quite stylish.

  26. Neal F.

    Where Has This Been All My Life?

    Between the shave oil, cream and my badger brush I no longer suffer the painful scrapes and irritation that has plagued me for so many years. With sensitive skin underneath my barbed wire beard shaving has always been a chore. Not anymore. Thanks eShave!

  27. Sam D.

    My Best Investment Of 2009

    After many years of dreading to buy drug store shaving products, I decided to invest in a short handle shaving brush from eshave and now believe this was my best investment of 2009. Not only did I buy a second brush for myself (travelling brush with case); I also purchased four additional brushes for my father and three brothers over Christmas. It was absolutely one of the best gifts I have ever given based on their feedback. The brushes are very well made in how they feel (substantial) compared to shaving brushes from the large department stores. I would not hesitate to recommend these products to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. They are simply the best value paired with wonderful (no-pressure) customer service. A truly memorable shopping experience

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eShave Difference
eShave ist bestrebt, seinen Kunden durch hochwertige Produkte und ein Rasiersystem, das den Grundprinzipien der Nassrasur folgt, die bestmögliche Rasur zu bieten.
Unser Unterschied:
Saubere Produkte: Frei von Paraben, Sulfat, SLS, SLES, Farben oder tierischen Inhaltsstoffen. Einzigartige Düfte und Düfte von höchster Qualität; Parfüms der Spitzenklasse werden verwendet, um diskrete und doch angenehme Düfte zu kreieren, wobei die traditionellen Lieblingsdüfte der Männer, wie Orange - Sandelholz, Limette und Weißer Tee, kombiniert und geschichtet werden, um Ihr Rasiererlebnis zu verbessern. Künstlerisch gestaltete Accessoires: einzigartig für eShave und exklusiv für Sie von unserer Gründerin Danielle Malka kreiert. Sie hat jedes Modell, das in kleinen Serien von Kunsthandwerkern hergestellt wird, persönlich von Hand modelliert. Funktionelle und elegante Rasiersets; originelle, ergonomische Formen, aufregende Farben und beste Materialien. (siehe die Kollektion)