Rasier Creme Verbena Limette 113 g

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eShave Rasiercreme Verbena Limette erzeugt einen reichhaltigen Schaum für eine gründliche und komfortable Rasur ohne Rasurbrand und eingewachsene Haare. Dre frische Duft belebt die Sinne.

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Vom Men’s Health Magazine Grooming Awards zur BESTEN Rasier Creme 2010 gewählt
Vom Beauty Store Business Magazine zu den BEST Sellers 2015 gewählt

eShave Rasiercreme Verbena Limette ist frei von Parabenen, Sulfaten und ist Vegan. Sie enthält KEINE SLS, KEINE SLES und KEINE synthetischen Farben.
Unsere Rasiercreme wird mit Glyzerin und Kokosnussöl hergestellt, um die Haut nach der Rasur sanft zu pflegen und ihr Feuchtigkeit zu spenden.

> Öffnet die Poren, macht das Haar weich und schützt die Haut
> Erzeugt einen reichhaltigen, cremigen und warmen Schaum
> Beseitigt Rasurreizungen und Rasurbrand


> Tragen Sie nur einen Tupfer eShave-Rasiercreme mit dem Dachshaar-Rasierpinsel oder Ihren Fingern auf Ihr Gesicht auf.
> Wenn Sie die Creme aufschäumen – am besten mit einem eShave Rasierpinsel – richtet sie das Haar auf und macht es weich, um eine gründlichere Rasur vorzubereiten.
> Verwenden Sie warmes Wasser für beste Ergebnisse
> Um mehr Schaum zu erzeugen, fügen Sie einfach mehr Wasser hinzu

Rasiertipp: Sie benötigen eine winzig kleine Menge Rasiercreme, um bei der Verwendung eines Rasierpinsels einen superreichen, flockigen Schaum zu erzeugen. Und je mehr heißes Wasser Sie verwenden, desto reichhaltiger ist der Rasierschaum.

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Deliver One Time, Replenish Every 1 month, Replenish Every 2 months, Replenish Every 3 months, Replenish Every 4 months, Replenish Every 5 months, Replenish Every 6 months

Reviews (79)

79 reviews for Rasier Creme Verbena Limette 113 g

  1. Sanjay

    Easily the best shaving cream available.

  2. Danielle eShave

    i love my product

  3. Jonathan D.

    Just Great

    Your shaving creams are great; easy to use and work well with my razor set. I’ve recommended them to many people.

  4. Joel M.L.


    you have produced the best shaving cream i have used in the last 40 years

  5. Jeffrey G.


    Works better than anything else I have used.

  6. Corey D.

    No More Ingrown Hairs!

    With the oil and shave cream combo, I’ve had the softest shave ever. Once very stubborn ingrown hairs have disappeared! I love their products.

  7. Carolyn H.

    Excellent Shave Cream

    We love this product!!!!

  8. Dr Mark M.

    No Shave Cream Like It

    Unbelievable!!!! I was made aware of eShave products by a good friend of mine, and I am NEVER, EVER going back to the plain old store products. This is the best thing to ever happen to my face!

  9. Richie A.

    A Lot Of Years Shaving; This Is The Best!

    Truly the best shaving cream on the market. Paired with the pre-shave oil and the after shave cream, I have never had a more professional at-home shave. I have used high end, low end, and mostly mid-range products. This far exceeds any product ever!

  10. Jeff V.

    No More Sensitive Skin

    This, as are all of the shaving creams from Eshave that I have tried, is a very good quality shave cream. I have sensitive skin and i have yet to have ONE bleed while shaving.

  11. Cheerio F.

    Best Shaving Cream

    This shaving cream really works well. My main concern was comfort and non irritating which it provided but after the shave I noticed my skin was super soft! I was visiting my naturopathic doctor and she also commented on how smooth my face looked. So this prompted me to purchase and try out more eshave products such as the scrub, face wash, moisturizer, and after shave cream. I will review these in weeks to come.

  12. David B.

    Best On The Planet

    This is the best shaving cream I have ever used. (I would say on the planet) I live in the desert South West one of the harshest climates for your skin. It is dry, sunny and dirty. Your cream works great. Leaves your face soft with no skin problems. It lathers well and is silky smooth for your razor. Nice close clean shave. I wish you still had the smaller size jars, great for traveling. Happy Holidays

  13. Marc A.

    The Best

    This is not only a great gift for yourself but a Dad, Brother or a friend.

  14. Neal D.

    Very Happy With Eshave

    This is my first product with eshave and I am glad that I have found it. I will definitely be buying more.

  15. Kurt D.

    Excellent Product!!!

    This is by far the best shave cream I have ever used! I ran out of it and went back to edge gel, WOW what a difference, my face was red and irritated and bleeding, just like before. I will make sure that I never run out of eshave again! 1 4 oz shave cream lasted me OVER 6 months! I really love this stuff!

  16. aaron S.

    Best Shave Ever- Also Lasts Forever

    This is a great product. gives a great shave, I don’t shave often, about 2x a week, and I’ve used 1 4oz jar in about 2 years. A little goes a looong way. It’s a great christmas gift each year.

  17. Angelo F.

    Better Than Otc

    these creams work better than any OTC foam that I have ever tried. The cream is especialy appreciated when I has several days of stub to remove.

  18. Sam K.

    Love It

    The white tea shaving cream has one of the best scents that I have ever experienced in a shaving cream. Amazing!

  19. Frank Z.

    Great Product

    The lime shaving cream is great & leaves my skin much smoother.

  20. Stewart W.

    Good Cushion

    The cushion provided allows a straight razor to glide effortessly over your skin. One of the most irritation free shaves I have ever had.

  21. Marie K.

    White Tea!

    The best shaving cream I have ever used. I finally can shave my legs and underarms without having any itchy feeling or dry skin right after. I converted most of my male friend s too, and they all got hooked!

  22. John G.

    Love It

    Since I met Danielle at a market several years ago and she enlightened me on this product, I could not imigine shaving without it. I used to always cut myslef and have those annoying bumps after I shaved but no more. I am a customer forever!

  23. Bob M.

    This Is A Great Product

    Really helped with my shaving.

  24. Steve W.

    Shame On You

    Now I want to shave when I don’t need to…now I want to shave in places I don’t normally…now I want to shave…..wellllll…. what once was a chore with mixed results, a rather mild bore that nixed you know what…..has got me out of an unpleasant spot! And now I look forward to my daily shave, and yes I will somewhat to rave, the razor dances across my face, and I never this cream replace

  25. Julian D,

    Wow What A Difference

    Now I know the difference between a $1.99 shaving cream and a $20 shaving cream. This is a luxury worth spending, it lasted more than six months. Thank you eshave

  26. Greg W.

    Excellent Product

    Not only does this shave cream feel and smell wonderful, but its also very potent and only requires the smallest dab to mix a full lather to shave. I have been using e-shave products for years and find each and everyone to exceed expectations.

  27. Alan H.

    Best In The Galaxy

    My son introduced me to e`Shave shaving cream some years ago. I liked it so much that I purchased a razor/brush shave set as well. I have never used any other shaving system since ! I most srongly recommend the entire line of eShave products

  28. Raphael K.

    Best Shaving Cream

    Loved it

  29. JonAllen J.

    The Best

    Verbena Lime is great! I wish your After Shave Cream was also available in the Lime fragrance.

  30. Alson B.

    High Quality Product

    I’ve used both eshave and The Art of Shaving, and I must say that I prefer eshave. It’s foamier, so you don’t have to use as much. Truly, a little dollop goes a long way. I also like the variety of scents eshave offers. It’s truly a high quality product.

  31. Zach B


    Ive evolved from CVS brand shaving creme from when I was a younger man, to the Art of shaving and now to eShave. The scents and texture of the eShave products are incredible. The lather they produce is amazing. The resulting shave is the best I have had. I have been shaving for over 20 years and have never really looked forward to it. Now I actually enjoy shaving because I use eShave.

  32. Joe N.

    Great Products

    I’ve been using these products for many years.

  33. jerry C.


    I’ve been using the after shave soother, the shaving bowl, and the shave cream for years. Simply the best and since they last so long, are an excellent value.. And the lavender bowl, I’m sorry to report, has lasted over two years! Is the lavender after shave soother still available?

  34. Scott F.

    Nothing Compares

    I’ve been using eShave products for years. There is not a shaving cream that comes close to eShave. Every once in a while I try something different, and end up throwing it away. Some day I’ll learn!!!

  35. Timothy B.

    Once You Use It, You’Ll Never Use Anything Else Again.

    I’ve been shaving with a razor my entire life and never realized until I used eshave shaving creams that shaving could actually easy and pleasant. I’ve MEVER cut myself once, even when I was using a razor that should have been retired. The truth is you get a lot more shaves out of your blade and, because of the small amount of cream you need to use, a jar of eshave cream lasts you much longer than any of the over-the-counter shave soaps. So it’s very economical (especially when you consider the price of blades these days. I’ve turned several friends onto eshave and now it’s all they use as well because once you use it, you’ll never use anything else again.

  36. Steven Czirr

    Love My Shave Cream

    Incredible shave with the shave cream Love my brush as well

  37. Jack F.

    Best Shave Cream Ever

    I was introduced to this product about 5 or 6 years ago by an excellent salesperson at Neiman Marcus and have been “hooked” ever since!

  38. Dan B.

    Changed How I Think About Shaving

    I used to dread shaving each morning because of the way my face felt after I was done. It would be left irritated and often nicked. Now, since I’ve started using eShave’s brushes, along with pre-shave oil & cream, my experience is completely different. My face is no longer left irritated, and the resulting shave is smoother than when I was using conventional spray creams or gels. I’ll never go back.

  39. Jacqueleen A.

    5 Stars

    I us it to shave legs. make your legs really soft after done shaving and smells really nice

  40. Jack F.

    Dennis Was The Best

    I started using E shave cream on the suggestion of a sales person at Neiman Marcus, about 5 years ago. I have always been on the lookout for the perfect shave cream and I finally found it. I have given the cream as gifts and referred lots of friends. I am just now trying the preshave oil and will give it a trial period.

  41. Martin S.

    10 Star Rating Shave Cremes

    I shave every day of my life. Sometimes twice a day. E shave shaving cremes are by far the finest cremes available in the marketplace – bar none.

  42. Roberta R.

    Made His Day

    I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it and will no longer go back to using the shave lotions one can buy from super markets and pharmacies.

  43. Pierre R.

    Lime Verbena Shaving Cream And Shave Products

    I originally bought one of your products for my husband 5 years ago with a shave set for valentine’s day. He loved it so much I got him another set in the verbena lime fragrance and he loves it even more. I love it because it makes his skins so soft and smooth and he no longer has the razor burn, ingrown hairs or other “bumps” that he used to have.

  44. John S.

    Once I Tried It…

    I met Danielle at a show once and she talked me into trying the shave cream for sensitive skin and now I can’t imagine a shave without it!!! LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  45. George L.

    Excellent Product

    I love the aroma of this shave cream. Is leaves a nice aroma after shaving that matches well with the after shave. Another amazing aspect of this as well as all eShave Creams is how economical these creams are to use. Just barely touching the brush to the cream provides enough lather to shave and if necessary, to even go over my face a second time. I have been using eShave products for many years and love every scent and every product I have tried. I highly recommend all eShave products.

  46. scott P.

    Fantastic Product

    I love it. A little goes a long way, hair comes off like butter. Gives that great smell of summer

  47. Zack S.

    Best Shave I Have Ever Had!

    I love both the scent and texture. A little goes a long way and doesn’t feel heavy or gum up my razor during shaving.

  48. Nathan H.

    Passes The All-Important Girlfriend Test

    I live in the Arctic Circle so needless to say I have a tough time justifying the expense of mail order shaving products. But E Shave is worth every penny, especially if you have sensitive skin like I do. And my lady is lying if she tells you she doesn’t use it on her legs when I’m out of town. And if anyone knows anything about shaving, it’s definitely her.

  49. Jerry S.

    The Best

    I have used this for many years and it is simply the best. Great shave, a pleasure to use, slightly scented to please. Very economical as it lasts for months. Do not hesitate to purchase! Also, get the best brush for best results.

  50. Ken N.

    Simply The Best

    I have used these shaving creams for several years. There is nothing out there as good.

  51. Raymond M.

    It’S The Best Shaving Cream Of The Many I Have Used.

    I have used shaving creams if or many years. This product helps me get a close clean shave. I believe it to be the best of the creams I have used. I realy like the clean refreshing sent of the Verbana – line shaving .

  52. Tom M.

    Better Then The Others

    I have used many different shaving creams,just to see if the other shaving creams are equal or better.I have found none! I always end up using the best,e-shave shaving cream.I have used them all,white tea,cucumber,almond[which is my favorite].You can try finding other shaving cream,but e-shave is by far the best.Thank you e-shave!

  53. Harry P.

    Great Product

    I have used a shaving brush and shaving soap for several years. After getting the shaving cream I am tossing the shaving soap away. A little goes a long way and the shave is excellent.

  54. Jeff T.

    Great Products!

    I have tried a few of your products and I am planning to order more as soon as I run out!

  55. Rocco F.

    Best Shave

    I have been using their shaving products for a number of years. Just great products that create a smooth shave

  56. Bradford M.

    Best Shave Cream Ever!

    I have been using the eshave cream for about 6 years, and nothing comes close for the “slick” feeling while shaving. I have gotten other premium shaving creams, gels and foams, and nothing comes close!

  57. Alan H.

    Wonderful !

    I have been using eshave products for over 7 years now and would not use anything else. Citrus was my favorite and now verbena lime is. Just received the new orange sandalwood and am anxious to try it. I also use the free-form razor and the badger brush…..that brush is 4 years old and still as good as the day I received it. Many kudos to Danielle and her entire team !!

  58. Jerry S.

    Outstanding Product!

    I alternate shaving with the White Tea and the Verbena Lime cream, and I start each day with a smile (and a great shave!).

  59. Chad B.

    Verbena Lime Is An Essnetial In Every Bathroom

    I absolutely love the Verbena Lime shaving cream. It needs to be in everyones bathroom!

  60. Motor City Shaver

    I Only Shave With E Shave

    I absolutely get the closest, most comfortable and luxurious shave with e shave. Love the pre shave oil, the shave cream and the after shave soother. This is an awesome combination to make shaving easy and pleasurable. My face feels incredible after shaving. Wow!

  61. Rick G

    Smells So Good, You Almost Want To Eat It!

    Having sensitive skin, I have been a user of Clinique Shave Cream for over 30 years. During our last yearly trip to New York, my wife and I met the wonderful people in the Battery Park eShave store. She purchased the 2 oz almond shave cream. It has replaced my Clinique product. Not only does the eShave last forever, but it actually makes shaving fun – it offers many scent choices and yes, the smells are great!

  62. Roberto Volpe

    Love It

    Great stuff, best I have ever tried.

  63. Mark D.

    Worth The Investment

    great product. overall a great package. shaving is that much more enjoyable.

  64. John F.

    I Really Love This Stuff

    great all-around cream. scent, texture, and ease of applying (with brush or by hand) are all top notch. my favorite feature though, is that if you want to refresh the lather while you are shaving, all you have to do is add a touch of water and work the residue (for lack of a better term) that is left on your face back into a nice lather.

  65. Perbell J.


    From start to finish, from the time that first oil hits your face to the last stroke of the razor with a finish of lime, this collection is totally a breath of return to the palm trees and sails of Key West…all in your own bathroom! Add a soft badger brush, and its heaven on earth!

  66. Eric Todd G.

    Nice Shave Cream

    Fluffy and light, and provides me with a close comfortable shave.

  67. David


    EXCELLENT!! Their products are less expensive than “Art of Shaving” (MUCH more expensive-and now owned by Proctor and Gamble) and give better, more comfortable results. I hope they are able to keep it small and artisan run to preserve the quality i have gotten from them (and not sell out)!!!

  68. Giuseppe F.

    Excellent Shave

    eShave’s Shaving creams create an excellent lather for a close smooth shave. With the eShave brush I don’t know how you can go wrong!

  69. Josh N.

    Best Shave Cream Ever

    Eshave’s shave creams are the best on the market, hands down!

  70. Doron A.

    Lubes Your Face, Doesn’T Clog Your Razor

    eShave shaving cream lubricates your face so the razor can glide over it without getting clogged. I’ve tried it with a Norelco, Panasonic, Gillette Fusion, and my current favorite, a Merkur open comb safety razor. eShave shaving cream works great with all of them, especially the Norelco wet/dry and the Fusion which are so easy to clog. It feels good on the face too and just a little goes a long way. Once you use this, especially with a pre-shave oil, you won’t be able to go back to junk in a can.

  71. Steve A.

    Smells Like Summer.

    eshave shaving creams is my go to product when the weather gets warm. I get the smoothest shaves & this stuff smells fantastic. This is the scented shaving cream that I actually enjoy.

  72. Peter G.

    Absolutely The Best!

    eShave are the only shaving creams I will use. I’ve tried most others, but none compare.

  73. John H.

    Great Shaving Cream

    Doesn’t take too much water to get good lather. It also smells like nothing I’ve ever smelled before and has lots of moisturizing properties. Definitely will remain in my rotation for some time.

  74. Neal F.

    Where Has This Been All My Life?

    Between the shave oil, cream and my badger brush I no longer suffer the painful scrapes and irritation that has plagued me for so many years. With sensitive skin underneath my barbed wire beard shaving has always been a chore. Not anymore. Thanks eShave!

  75. Steven S.

    Really The Best

    Best shave cream I have ever used. Creamy, rich later and a perfect shave everytime!

  76. scott T.


    Been a wet shaver a long time. I love shave soaps but normally shy away from them because it’s a pain to work up a great lather, so I tried eShave shaving cream. This product blew me away. If there were more stars I would add them. The shave was as close as could be, the smell is fantastic, and a touch of the product lathers like I was Frosty The Snowman. Thank you for all the wonderful product you make and for kindly always sending me a little something extra to try.

  77. Foothill W.


    As a cup-and-brush shaver for 45 years, I was doubtful the Shaving Cream would be satisfying. I was sure wrong. Only a “little-finger-nail” of cream on the brush creates a thick foam on my cheeks. Sure is better than the cup.

  78. jaws

    Life Changing Shave

    After years or icky shaves and ugly bumps and scrapes – finally a product that makes shaving fun again and the results are super.

  79. cesar v

    Best Shaving Cream

    About 2 years ago you had a sale and purchased about 6 jars of shaving cream had them for a while since me and my wife shared the products they were very good after i finished the products i bought art of shaving and trufitt & hill both good products too but couldnt say much about their shelf life after a couple of months both products dried out and your product after a year of having them still remained creamy and smooth compared to the other very good product thanks love it

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eShave Difference
eShave ist bestrebt, seinen Kunden durch hochwertige Produkte und ein Rasiersystem, das den Grundprinzipien der Nassrasur folgt, die bestmögliche Rasur zu bieten.
Unser Unterschied:
Saubere Produkte: Frei von Paraben, Sulfat, SLS, SLES, Farben oder tierischen Inhaltsstoffen. Einzigartige Düfte und Düfte von höchster Qualität; Parfüms der Spitzenklasse werden verwendet, um diskrete und doch angenehme Düfte zu kreieren, wobei die traditionellen Lieblingsdüfte der Männer, wie Orange - Sandelholz, Limette und Weißer Tee, kombiniert und geschichtet werden, um Ihr Rasiererlebnis zu verbessern. Künstlerisch gestaltete Accessoires: einzigartig für eShave und exklusiv für Sie von unserer Gründerin Danielle Malka kreiert. Sie hat jedes Modell, das in kleinen Serien von Kunsthandwerkern hergestellt wird, persönlich von Hand modelliert. Funktionelle und elegante Rasiersets; originelle, ergonomische Formen, aufregende Farben und beste Materialien. (siehe die Kollektion)